Our Vision

Our Vision:

To encourage the Orthodox Northern Colorado metropolitan community to learn from, minister to, and serve their neighbors in need, consistent with Christ’s call to love one another.

Our Immediate Objective:

  • Participate: Create opportunities for our parishioners to learn about Christ’s call to Love and participate in ministries which help those in need. In short, to train and equip new Orthodox Good Samaritans.

Our Longer-term Objectives: (as Christ would lead, direct, and make possible)

  • Provide - Develop a uniquely Orthodox response to those Coloradans who are in need.

  • Proclaim - Establish an Orthodox spiritual presence in an underserved community of Denver.

To multiply our parishes' ability to respond to Christ’s call requires that we more effectively encourage and educate our parishioners to understand Christ’s call to love and help the poor. Encouraging and training our parishioners is the most direct way in which we can enlarge our vision and understanding of what it means to help others. Opportunities to serve are available now; what is needed is a concerted effort to encourage/excite our parishioners to serve, and a mechanism that helps organizes their efforts.


Our longer-term objectives are more difficult due to the amount of time, resources and financial support needed to be successful. However, the ability to achieve these objectives will be aided by achieving our Participate objective.